1981 Honda CB750 - rebuilt engine & carbs - builders dream

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1981 Honda CB750 - rebuilt engine & carbs - builders dream

Don't be a afraid of the km's, this is a well loved and maintained motorcycle.  It is in fantastic mechanical shape after I spent a lot of time rebuilding the top end of the engine and the carbs.
If you keep the maintenance up it could outlast your riding life.

I'm very sorry to see it go, but with a second kid I've had to move onto a different stage in my life.

This bike comes with a lot of extras, ready for you to customize it how you want.  Want to try a custom paint job or knock out some knee dents for a cafe racer?  It comes with a spare gas tank and a second set of covers.  I also have a second seat if you want to cut it down and recover it how you want it.

Really want to customize a bike but are a little scared of the mechanical work?  I have already done everything that is needed and I have the build thread on this forum to prove it.  This bike even has a cb900 cam dropped in.  The only performance modification that makes a noticable difference for these bikes.

Comes with the following tools etc:
Carbtune for 4 carbs
2 different tank bags
2 different manuals
tool bag (not original)
spare controls
compression tester
timing gun
safety wire
battery charger
various spare parts (in boxes)

$2,000 CAD.  Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Before any of you Americans complain about the price that is what well running motorcycles go for around here.

1981 CB750K with 900 cams
90K KM's, rebuilt head, rebuilt carbs, upgraded valve stem seals

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