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Re: 1980 CB750K Build

Hey guys, it's been a while. So, I bought a replacement ignition switch and got up to the shop today. Installed a battery and routed the wiring harness, then I plugged in my used CBR1000 stop/start switch, which is in good working order, and tried to start it. Nothing! I pulled out my multimeter and checked a ton of connections. Here's what I got.

In the first position I got 12plus volts to the black lead with the stop/start switch on. With the kill switch engaged it kills the power to the coils, great! Turn the ignition switch to the on position and power shows about .4 volts for the coils and black lead. The start button pressed does absolutely nothing, nor is there a sound at the starter selenoid. I'm pretty stumped. Can anyone help me out here?

K3- red/yellow=start black=ignition black/white=coils red=battery

CBR - red/yellow=start black=ignition white/black=battery black/red=battery3

So, everything pairs up and the black/red wire from the start/stop switch is just plugged into the black lead from the harness.

What in the world could be going wrong here!? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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