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Cross-threaded...what a maroon.

So yeh. I did it ladies and gents. I got a set of cam holders off ebay because I needed the tach holder, and in my excitement/haste I cross threaded the "A" cam holder with the cylinder cover bolt. Luckily the set I got has all ove the holders so it's not a total loss.

 I'm sure it's been covered before, and I'm sure you all have the proper knowledge but just as a reminder to other people just starting out like me I got a little technique that I've always used, except obviously in this one instance:

I like to seat the bolt or whatever in the standoff and then spin it backwards until you feel it click down into the standoff again, this way you know you're exactly lined up. I know this might take an extra few seconds to do, and when you're in those tight places with a number of bolts those few seconds grow exponentially, but it's definitely easier than having to re-tap the whole thing.

The other choice is to not be an idiot like me and do it right the first time.
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