DIY clearcoat: Piute's patented method!

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DIY clearcoat: Piute's patented method!

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So, once upon a time I had a question about how to go about clear-coating some parts of mine.
Below, you'll find Piute's how-to guide with lots of useful tips.

Here are my parts for reference:

Thanks again, Piute, you're the man!
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Re: Doing my own clearcoat? (help me make this a solution!)


  O.K. great question,your worse enemies is your hands(natural oil's),I've seen may paint jobs go bad due to 1 finger print, SO always wipe clean with solvent,I use paint reducer ,you could use acetone,or even rubbing alcohol (pads ?).NEW tack rag !just before every coat.
                                  " I use clear to protect paint,level out two tones,"
Your side cvr's,just use 0000 still wool real lightly ,think more about below in between those raised parts,take yo time,most paint have 5-7 day cure time and also at least 3 coats RIGHT ?
                              3 back and forth motion will sand off 1 coat (get the idea?)
  That fender I'd hit with 400 wet/dry wet of course,knock off all the shine should look kinda wht. when dry,(clean wash rag)be sure to use either filtered water or bottled,(ya get a gal. for a buck)tap water is dirty believe it or not,but can be used,Black paint shows all .
  NOW your star ,aaaaah this can be done easily,just quick scuff and paint,OR professionally by taking a Lil peace of used 400 wet/dry(use wet) folded to about 2 fingers wide ,Ya lightly sand the edge of the wht.,your just knocking it down a bit so that the clear will be more even(As said I use to even 2tone's)
  Shoot your clear let dry couple hr's shoot another x3,let dry over night,wet sand with 400(wet?)pay particular attention to were colors connect(were you wont even)don't over sand thru paint(clear) If you get blk. on sand paper you've sanded to far(more clear,
              Painting is an art,you can get a better then professional job using can,Just take yo time           Hit (all but side cvr's)with the highest count wet or dry you can find (2k+),then rubbing compound ,then wax.
     If you hold off on the wax and use a professional painters compound(turtle red can) you can still add mo clear later.
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