Engine/exhaust sound on deceleration

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Engine/exhaust sound on deceleration

I’ve tried searching and maybe I am thinking the wrong terms but I was curious how the bike should sound during deceleration. (82 cb750sc,DOHC)

I have been riding daily now for the last month and noticed in lower gears if I throttle it up and let off the gas it will purr some then it sounds like it is chugging (driving through my neighborhood where I don’t need to go higher then 2nd) There is no backfiring or popping sounds like in most posts I found people asking about.

So my question is should the bike rev down smoothly, similar to a manual car if you leave it in a gear, or is the chugging normal? First gear being so low has a jerking feel 5th seems smooth when cruising.

I can try to explain it more if none of this makes sense.

I was thinking maybe clutch, I adjusted it per the manual and I don’t notice any slippage on throttle so makes me think it isn’t the problem but I don’t know where to go from here so figured I’d ask.

82 CB750 SC  - Lincoln CA
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Re: Engine/exhaust sound on deceleration

Sounds like you are just letting the RPMs get too low. It will not pull itself at low (close to idle) RPMs.
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