Getting in the spirit of Christmas

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Getting in the spirit of Christmas

I've been a bit of a Scrooge this year but, now that I'm finally sitting down to wrap presents, I'm getting in to the Christmas mood.

I didn't do mush this year due to time and finances,so my folks got really simple things. Mom got some decorations for her house(she can't get enough) I just set Dad up with several hundred rounds of ammo.

I picked up a few odds and ends for my buddies,but not much.

The Baby is the one winning this year. I really want to keep her gift for myself. We looked at these several months ago but the money wasn't in the Frivolous Fund to swing one of these. She was looking at the standard model,but I found a great deal on a Lite model with a threaded barrel.  Behold... Crys' Toy.

Everybody in The Mood yet? I hope so!
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Re: Getting in the spirit of Christmas

That's nice. You should also get her a can of tennis balls. Throw one on the ground about 15 feet away, and start shooting. Fun for hours.
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