Non motorcycle related project- WTB parts- GM TBI parts

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Non motorcycle related project- WTB parts- GM TBI parts

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I know a lot of us are tinkerers in general, so I figured I'd put this out there. I could hit up eBay, but I'm trying to avoid that.

If anyone is , or runs across a buddy that is, parting out a GM fullsize truck, suburban or blazer that is throttle body injected ( TBI ) give me a shout, please.

Needs to come from an 87-95 V8. Preferably from a 454, but a 350 or 305 will work. V6 will not work

I'm looking for the complete fuel injection system : throttle body,corresponding distributor, complete wiring harness, sensors, brackets, etc.

I'm coming up empty in my area, and I also refuse to pay the current $6 fee required to simply enter my local salvage yard. Can you believe that??? It doesn't matter if you find what you were looking for or not, they charge a $6 door cover just to get in to the joint. Not happening. I'd rather pay the shipping cost than pay them their fee. It's just a matter of principal.

I'm still doing some research, so passenger car systems may be a viable option, so I may update the thread, but as of now it's looking like the light truck systems are the way for me to go.

Thanks for looking. Reply here or feel free to email me by clicking on my username here.
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Re: Non motorcycle related project- WTB parts- GM TBI parts

I still have a few old school salvage yards near me, if you can't find what you need from an individual, I can check with the salvage yards.
P.S. Is this for the Pimpala?
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Re: Non motorcycle related project- WTB parts- GM TBI parts

Thanks man. And I updated the original post. Any V8 system will work, but the 454 throttle body will definitely be better.

And yeah, for the Pimpala. Not anytime soon, of course. Just now sorting out the kinks.

The basic throttle bodies only move about 450 cfm or so, so they only support about 250 hp in stock trim. But the 454 TB is good for 670 cfm and, with upsized injectors and fuel pressure, can support 400+hp. I'm only needing to feed 385hp. After reading up on this I've realized that they are very basic, but well performing systems. The few conversion I've found solid info on typically gain about 3-5 mpg, increased throttle response and have zero complaints. And it's actually pretty affordable. I think I can piece a solid system together for under $400. I know a tuned port system (TPI) would be way more advanced, but it's also more complicate than what I want to own and,well, it just won't fit under my hood. Very neat little systems actually.

If I get this sorted out on the car I might tackle fitting one to the mighty 300, too.