Scan of gaskets CB750

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Scan of gaskets CB750

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Hello forum, I took the time today to scan a gasket set, the only ones that are missing are PN 91302-001-020 O-ring for the tappet adjustment covers.

*Gasket set 1 are on 11x17 (ledger) size paper.

CB750 Gasket set 2
CB750 Gasket set 1
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Re: Scan of gaskets CB750

Very nice, but I had to turn my computer upside down to read the descriptions.
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Re: Scan of gaskets CB750

Hoosier Daddy
Something I never thought of, very considerate to the DIY'ers who want to make their own gaskets.
I just picked up the OEM Alternator Cover, Clutch Cover, Left Crankcase, and Oil Pan gaskets for my  DOHC engine from Mother Honda. Should be the same for all '79 to '82 DOHC 750's I think. They might just all fit on my 8 ½ X 11 flatbed scanner... I'll try scanning them before installing later.
 If you can share how to post a .PDF on Google, maybe we can start a library here.

I NEVER thought of laying the cover itself on the scanner and then scanning the gasket surface to use THAT as a template to cut my own... DAMN... coulda saved $50 !!!
Now if I could figure out how to print on gasket paper that would make it REALLY easy!
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Re: Scan of gaskets CB750

Yea I started to make my gaskets but could not find any scans tried to scan the parts but they didn’t turn out very well.  So since I purchased a full set figured I would put it out there.  I did scan all just so someone that doesn’t know what that part number looks like they can see.

To post on google:
Go to:  google. Com, in the top of the screen click "Drive", then on the left side of your screen click upload button,  then file,  when the documents are finished uploading, select sharing option "anyone who has link", and there will be a link you can copy and paste into forums, emails,. . ect…
I hope this helps.  

One more thing the dowels part number 94301-08140 I you can get them from any Honda Service center!! They are used on Civics and are about 1.50$ a piece.

Paper gasket sheets can come in A4 size and some printers print that size of paper.  BUT remember ink will soak into the gasket material, so put on as light as possible almost water mark light or lighter.