Taking apart 82 750K shocks

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Taking apart 82 750K shocks

This is my first official post on a rebuild I'm doing on a 1982 CB750K.  After much deliberation I decided to keep the stock shocks but I needed to take them apart to clean them up and paint them.  I had a hard time finding anything that helps until I saw a video on youtube of a home made Spring Compressor so I though I would give it a shot instead of spending hella money on some contraption on ebay.  Here is the link and the items I purchased at the hardware store.  I spent about $5


2 x 3/8 rods
6 x washers
4 x bolts
2 wingnuts
some wood i had lying around.  Video says oak..
Another rod to slide between the coil.  I cut off the end of the mixer.

ok, so now for the process..

Here is a view from the start
DIY Spring Compressor 1

Here is a view from the bottom.
DIY Spring Compressor 2

Here is with the top on.
DIY Spring Compressor 3

And with the shock in, just slid it through the top.
DIY Spring Compressor 4

then I slid a pole though the spring, this will push the shock down.
DIY Spring Compressor 5

DIY Spring Compressor 6

I then pushed down on the wood and tighten the wingnut as I did that.  Pushing the wood like the video was a lot tougher so I just sat there and turned the wingnut taking turns.
DIY Spring Compressor 7

eventually pushing the spring down exposed the bolt I needed to get to.
DIY Spring Compressor 8

For me the top screws off so I held the bolt in place with a wrench and turned the top until it came off.
DIY Spring Compressor 9
DIY Spring Compressor 10
DIY Spring Compressor 11
DIY Spring Compressor 12
DIY Spring Compressor 13

Once the top is off, start to release the top wingnuts which will release the spring.
DIY Spring Compressor 14

Once the tension is gone you can remove the pole in the spring and take the top piece off and your all done!
DIY Spring Compressor 15
DIY Spring Compressor 16
DIY Spring Compressor 17
DIY Spring Compressor 18

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Re: Taking apart 82 750K shocks

I love homemade tools! Are you going to rebuild the shock while you have it apart?
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Re: Taking apart 82 750K shocks

Thanks TOOLS... p.s. I always appreciate your insight on other posts too.
Yeah right now I have the springs soaking in some vinegar take off the rust.  I'm going to clean them up today.  I already have the rest cleaned up and I have the black spray paint ready for when it gets warm.  I was debating about going all black since there is a lot of small pitting throughout the outside of the main tube.  Plus I scuffed it up using the scotch Red and I don't know if that can get buffed out.

Also the bottom piece of wood did not need a hole to be cut. The shock ended going through it and it was a pain to handle (at least for my shocks).  Forgot to mention that.

I will also start posting my build soon..
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Re: Taking apart 82 750K shocks

Very nice, and real world proven that it works!  Nicely done.  Looking forward to the rebuild posting.  Just slide the rebuild thread into the proper category, please.

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