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Hello CB750 folks,

I bought my first motorcycle last year in June 2013, a 1980 Honda CB750K DOHC.  I didn't have my motorcycle license but I've always wanted to fix up a bike and learn how to ride.  I've had a mini dirt bike before but nothing compared to a motorcycle and not as powerful as a 750.  I'm the third owner of this bike.  It ran decent but needed some TLC.  After a couple google searches regarding repairing and maintaing this motorcycle I was directed to this forum which I immediately and thrillingly joined.  I however didn't make any posts but I did use the search function and found answers to many questions I have had with this bike.  I want to thank everyone that makes contributions and anybody who supports this site because this is quite the vast community.  Not only has it helped me a great deal but this is the first place I look to if I have a problem or need inspiration.

Some things I've done with the bike:

- Removed the eyesore Vetter Fairing WindJammer
- PO did not have the original headlight bucket or front signals from the windjammer installation so I bought some new ones from DimeCity.  Also got a cheap rock guard off ebay for the headlight.
- Adjusted valve shims and replaced the leaky valve cover gasket.
- Adjusted the valve chain tensioner on both upper and lower.
- Did a compression test with results: 120, 120, 90,110.  Number 3 cylinder makes me :(
- Adjusted the timing.
- I cleaned the carbs (as per SeesTheDay guide link) and installed pods.  It took some time to tune but with trial and error in the last year I think I've rejected the carbs to a happy screaming bike.  Plug chops in both upper and mid ranges are reading a light tan.  I'm using 80/120 jets and set the screws 2.5 turns out.  Carbs are synced.  Of course this is quite the controversial topic so I'll leave it at that.
- Lowered the bike following tools' instructions for the front end and bought equivalent shortened shocks.  Took out 1.5 inches overall.  Replaced the fork seals while I was in there.  (34 years of filth)
- Replaced the stock instrument panel with some mini gauges.  Relocated the fuse box and am using handle bars and bar clamps from a CB500.  I've also put on Biltwell Kung Fu Grips which are comfy!  I got a choke bracket from a CX500 off ebay.
- Front tire was beginning to rot so I replaced both front and rear tires with some Bridgestone Trail Wings.
- Other than the above mentioned I've done minor things like removed the front fender, replaced the rear fender with a fender off an unknown bike (a honda but not sure what model), removed the chain cover, replaced the rear brake light, picked up a side mounted license plate holder from Metric Custom Fab for cheap, wrapped the exhaust headers with black wrap, moved the rear signal lights onto a custom bracket connecting to the rear shock mounts, and tried to make a sissy bar lol
- There a million things I still want to do to the bike like clean up the electrical in "the triangle" and maybe try and hide the battery.  I want to tackle the clutch basket noise sometime.  I would like to paint the tank or get it painted black with maybe some sort of variation between vintage and modern.  I also want to do something with the seat and maybe shorten the rear end but thats for another day or year.

Earlier this year I did manage to take my motorcycle licence test and passed.  In Canada the test is the same road test you would do for a car.  It was scary because I didn't take a motorcycle learners course but I managed.  I hardly have been riding this year because of the repairs and changes I've been making on the bike.  But just yesterday having some free time I took the opportunity and drove the bike from Edmonton,AB to the rockies in Jasper,AB which is a 365km trip one way and I'm ecstatic with how the bike performed.  I never tried to top out the bike but I did note at one point it comfortably can reach 150km easy.  I'm surprised I made it back without any problems.  Somewhere along the ride I lost the rock guard on the headlight but thats all the known injuries the bike suffered.  I have to admit that since I have purchased this motorcycle it has been life changing for the better and I hope other people get to have similar experiences with their bike.  Frustrating at times....a lot of the time...but one of worth while investments I've made.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this long winded post.

Here are some photos of the bike:

A lil naked
Choke Lever
Rear Signal
Front Controls
Pyramid Mountain, Jasper, AB
1980 Honda CB750K DOHC
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Re: The Black Sheep

Good looking bike. I have a '79K. I noticed on your Vetter you had the lowers on it. Those are very hard to come by so don't trash them if they're in good shape. Ebay them.
89 VN 750A
79 CB 750K
78 CB 750K
77 CB 750K
77 GL 1000 x 2
77 CB 550F
Holton, KS, US
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Re: The Black Sheep

Welcome in bud. Nice work on bringing one back to life! How do you like those tires? I've been looking in to a set like that.

The sissy bar seems scary to me. They are useful, but...well, you see what your helmet looks like there. Ride safe!
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Re: The Black Sheep

I agree the sissy bar looks scary, but yes it a great helmet holder!