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painting with rust

duluth dog
now most of the people on here would probably loose their dinner if they saw rust on their bikes, but ive recently taken up turning my 1977 cb750k into a cafe racer with a rat rod look.  if you look at a rat rod a majority of the time it will be that gorgeous rusty red color, and i wanted that same thing.  first thing i had to do was remove all the old paint from the tank, i used an angle grinder with wire brushes.  all it took was a little bit of time and a little bit more elbow grease.  after cleaning all the dust off i could start the rusting process.  there's a few different methods that i chose to use.  for the first method i poured beer on the tank, and got it a bit frothy so it wouldn't drip as easily, i know it was a waste of beer and i feel bad about that but it is totally worth it.  the next step was adding salt, and rubbing it into the metal almost like a wet sanding.  i let this sit overnight and it gave the tank a subtle bronze tint.  the next method was a bit more reactive.  i mixed equal parts hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, with some salt into a spray bottle and doused the tank to sit overnight.  after doing this twice i ended up with exactly what i was looking for.  using a super fine sandpaper i cleaned up and smoothed it all out then applied liberal amount of rust stopper and let it soak.  after a few hours i cleaned up all the excess rust stopper and began to clear coat it.  ill be doing this same process to the metal seat pan i have and will add pictures for that.  feel free to ask any questions or tell me what y'all think.

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Re: painting with rust

Wasting beer! Tank looks good though.
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